AMAN uses policy and research dialogue, political and media engagement, and litigation strategy to protect the Australian Muslim community from mainstreamed prejudice.


Australian Muslims are a diverse peoples. But we all need security, a sense of belonging, and the space to freely express who we are.

Our vision is an Australia with a hopeful and vibrant sense of nationhood, one that owns and celebrates its cosmopolitan nature. We understand Australia’s colonial past, strong European connections and the outstanding heritage and ongoing aspirations of First Nations’ peoples. Our presence on this continent reaches back centuries. Our stories are now intrinsically woven together. 

The strength of our liberal democracy is core in carrying out this vision; not only in protecting freedom of expression and encouraging quality debate, but also in upholding equality and respect amongst diverse peoples.

AMAN’s first priority

The mainstreaming of anti-Muslim prejudice, dehumanisation and Islamophobia has led to significant identity stress amongst youth in our community, who want to identify as Australian Muslim, but frequently receive the message that they do not belong.

It has also led to the erosion of security and more frequent danger, especially for sisters wearing hijab.

Our first agenda is about making it clear, through law, policy and education, that inciting hatred and violence against people, because of their religion, is not ‘free speech’.

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