AMAN is an advocacy body working at the national level to secure the rights and protections of Australian Muslims. We do this by building key relationships across Parliament and government, and leveraging expertise in our community to problem solve complex issues.

As a specialist advocacy and policy development body, we work alongside existing Muslim peaks and community representative bodies to boost their efforts, support unified submissions, and influence strategic decision makers.

We are an active, participating member of the Australian Muslim Community National Summit, which involves 200 organisations nationwide.

Our first project is about counteracting online hate, extremist propaganda about Muslims and Islam, and disinformation through

  • Engaging with Australian institutions charged with monitoring media integrity and digital platform safety.
  • Engaging directly and constructively with digital platforms.
  • Making sure Australia’s civil and criminal laws are fit to deter incitement to hatred and violence, as well as hate crimes that target individuals, schools and mosques.
  • Understanding blockers in reporting to anti-discrimination, police, national security and cyber safety channels.
  • Supporting community initiatives such as the Islamophobia Register and work being undertaken by state Islamic councils.

We recently contributed to a substantial submission by the Australian Hate Crime Network on the proposed Online Safety Act; and featured in the news for our investigation into Facebook’s moderation processes, with Birchgrove Legal.