Nothing will change without a voice.

There are many people who experience discrimination or a hate incident in which they are unfairly, and sometimes violently, targeted for their religion or race.

These victims may be unaware of their rights or feel they have no options. They might be unsure of the next steps in seeking justice.

Discrimination can include:

  • a Muslim who is targeted for his or her religion through social media
  • where people post threats and hateful messages that make Muslims appear as if they are not human, and
  • in public, at work or at school, where Muslims are verbally or physically abused, or treated poorly due to their religious clothes

In many cases, the relevant laws don’t work properly and need to be improved.

This is where the Australian Muslim Advocacy Network (AMAN) comes in.

AMAN stands for the human rights of Australian Muslims. We can do it through using the law, but we also use research, media and discussion with Government and Parliament.

Sometimes AMAN will test existing laws to see how effective they are. This can involve running legal cases, big and small.

AMAN can also test different processes to see what victims experience when they report.

We use all this information to make arguments about what needs to change.

Online hate

For example many online platforms are allowing hate speech and encouraging discrimination of minority or ethnic groups.

AMAN does research and puts ideas to the Government and Australian Parliament. We have made suggestions about how to reduce racism and hate online. We have also presented these ideas to other organisations within Australia and overseas. We write pieces for the Australian media.

Hatred spread online motivates people to organise attacks and violence against ethnic, religious or minority groups. Through improving the law, AMAN hopes to make both the online and offline world safer and more respectful.

Counter-terror laws

AMAN is also working to reduce discrimination that comes about because of Australia’s counterterrorism laws. We want to make sure that

  • the government treats all terror threats the same
  • there are no double standards of justice
  • the media and police act fairly.

Discrimination and hate crime

AMAN is active in supporting victims of discrimination. Sometimes complaints are made to human rights authorities so that these cases can be investigated and put on the public record.

Stories are powerful to AMAN because stories help to convince those in power than changes are needed.

AMAN partners closely with organisations such as the Islamophobia Register Australia to identify stories.

We also part of campaigns and community alliances to introduce hate crime laws so that victims of hate crimes experience justice and are protected.


AMAN has never received CVE funding or government funding in general. AMAN relies on community donations. If you can support our efforts, please email the AMAN Secretary.