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AMAN Welcomes Australian Shift on Palestine at UN

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The Australian Muslim Advocacy Network (AMAN) welcomes the recent shift in Australia’s position on Palestine at the United Nations. This change is a testament to the Australian Government’s willingness to depart from the US block position, showcasing its capability to take independent steps towards justice and peace.

A Significant Shift in Policy

The Labor Government’s strengthened message that recognition of Palestinian statehood should not be contingent on the conclusion of a peace process marks a pivotal shift. This stance, combined with the UN vote, is likely to be seen as hostile by Israel, but it underscores Labor’s readiness to speak necessary truths for the sake of peace and human rights in the region.

Standing Against War Crimes

AMAN also acknowledges Labor’s decision to distance itself from the US stance on the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over war crimes. Although Labor has not fully affirmed the court’s jurisdiction or retracted the previous government’s objections, this move is a step in the right direction. It signals a cautious but meaningful divergence from outright rejection of international legal oversight.

The Urgent Call for Action

Despite these positive developments, AMAN stresses that the changes are overdue and insufficient given the severity of Israel’s actions. Labor has the potential to make a significant impact by immediately halting Australia’s critical role in the global military supply chain to Israel and its key suppliers.

AMAN urges the Australian Government to unequivocally withdraw from this supply chain. Additionally, AMAN calls for the incorporation of safeguards within the Future Made in Australia Act to prevent the local manufacturing of weapons destined for countries accused of serious crimes under international law.

The 2018 Defence Export Strategy

Australia’s 2018 Defence Export Strategy aims to elevate the nation’s defence industry to a top ten global exporter by 2028, identifying Israel as a key market. Increasing local manufacturing has been a core strategy, with Australia recently becoming the largest US weapons manufacturer outside the United States.

In the past seven months, major deals have been announced between Australian Defence Ministers and Israeli weapons companies. Australia is exporting significant munitions stocks to Germany to meet Israel’s demand. This deep involvement in the global arms supply chain necessitates a reevaluation of Australia’s role and responsibilities.

Upholding Human Rights and Justice

AMAN’s advocacy is rooted in the principles of justice and human rights. The organisation calls for a reassessment of Australia’s defence policies to ensure they align with these values. By withdrawing from the military supply chain linked to Israel and reinforcing safeguards in defence manufacturing, Australia can take a stand against the perpetuation of violence and support a more peaceful and just international community.

For further details and to support AMAN’s advocacy efforts, please visit our website or contact us directly. Together, we can work towards a future where all human rights and justice are upheld.