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Media Engagement

At the Australia Muslim Advocacy Network (AMAN), we understand the media’s power to shape public discourse. We’re committed to ensuring Muslim voices are heard with accuracy and respect. We achieve this through a multi-pronged media advocacy approach, focusing on the following key areas:

  • AMAN in the News: See how our work is generating positive media coverage. We’ll showcase instances where AMAN has been featured in news articles, interviews, or broadcasts, highlighting the issues we champion and the impact we create.
  • Stories We Helped Tell: Dive deeper into success stories! We’ll share examples of media collaborations where AMAN partnered with journalists to amplify under-represented Muslim voices and experiences.
  • Our Opinions and Contributions: Gain valuable insights from our experts. We’ll feature thought leadership pieces, op-eds, and guest commentaries by AMAN’s leaders and subject-matter experts on critical issues impacting Australian Muslims.
  • Media Releases: Stay informed about our stance on current issues. This section will house all our press releases, ensuring you have direct access to AMAN’s official statements and perspectives on pressing matters.

By actively engaging with the media, AMAN strives to:

  • Challenge negative stereotypes: We work to dismantle harmful portrayals and promote a true and fair understanding of the Australian Muslim community.
  • Advocate for positive change: We use media platforms to push for inclusive policies and legislation that safeguard the rights of all Australians.
  • Bridge the gap between communities: We foster understanding and respect by facilitating open dialogue and knowledge sharing.

AMAN’s media advocacy is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable Australian society. Explore the sections above to learn more about our work. Be part of the movement.